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Virtual presence is increasingly critical to real business success. Navigating this rapidly developing medium can massively uplift the potential to realise your vision, communicate this to your clients, and capture their attention. SE7EN help our clients develop effective digital engagement strategies, fully integrated with their commercial objectives. SE7EN fuse cutting edge online functionality and practical business experience, with sensitive design and beautifully tailored imagery to help you fully articulate your digital persona.

SE7EN is the maximum number of ideas you can hold at one time during a conversation.

SE7EN is the percentage importance we place on what someone says, over how they say it

SE7EN is the number of seconds you have to make a first impression.

Get to know us

Matthew thinks outside the box. He cofounded Independent Financial Adviser, Higgs Boson Consultants, in 2012, defining an original and highly successful client experience. Matthew specialises in helping clients express their digital persona and integrating this with their business objectives.

Matthew Mills

Digitally engaging ideas

Ian first started working with Internet and Multimedia Learning Technologies in 1995. His key focus is about understanding people and how they behave in groups. Ian is a graduate in technology and as a qualified teacher, he has been involved in education and training since 1990.

Ian Mayer

Dreadfully clever technology

Tom loves telling great stories. He has co-found two Video production companies Story Culture and View 35 films, working with numerous high-profile brands such as Unilever, Funding Circle and Facebook to help them share their story through video.

Tom Ruddock

Captivating film and video

Grace is enthusiastic about communicating ideas. With over 11 years’ experience in web design and graphic art, Grace’s skills lie in being able to develop design and marketing ideas via the most appropriate medium, either through software or traditional art media.

Grace Harris

Fabulously creative designs

Pepe creates gorgeous imagery. He has worked in the audio-visual industry, based in London, since graduating in Media Studies in 1994. While Pepe specialises in portrait photography, the scope of his work includes graphic design, casting and videography.

Pepe Escuredo

Gorgeous photography and imagery

Alyson loves people. She has the ability to connect with people on all levels and is particularly focused on supporting those in need. Alyson has been involved in business management since the early 1990’s, and her work includes Charity, Voluntary and Community Sector Liaison.

Alyson Mayer

Positively socially aware

Our Latest Work

From Our Clients

“From the outset at Higgs Boson Consultants we decided we would never simply accept the existing paradigm for provision of financial advice, and always challenge the orthodoxy. We also made a point to take the work seriously, but not ourselves. Our digital engagement strategy allows us to be accessible to clients globally, facilitates our interactions and uplifts capacity with dedicated software, and then helps us stay connected with a carefully structured multi-media communications strategy. This all supports a unique client experience, where delivering positive outcomes is not only efficient, but also friendly, understandable and fun. The efficacy of the approach is demonstrated by the fact that we aggregated over £100M of funds under management in a little over 6 years, with only two advisers and one administrator. I’m wholly convinced we couldn’t have delivered this kind of result for our practice and clients using a traditional approach.”

Dermot O'Connor

Practice Principal, Higgs Boson Consultants LLP

“I love our new website and online presence. We don’t want to be a traditional, lifeless accountants, but that’s pretty much where we were. I’m basically a frustrated fashion designer and we wanted to do something different and beautiful. SE7EN captured the persona we wanted to project perfectly, and our clients love it. The website is gorgeous, our online marketing is themed as fabulous seasonal collections, and the team day that pulled it all together for us was a great experience for everyone. SE7EN made it happen for us so quickly and efficiently is was amazing. They’re absolutely fabulous!!”

Angelique Wright

Managing Director, ∏ Chartered Accountants

“When I decided to update our company website I knew I had to choose a team who would get and understand our business. Having discussed the fact with Matt and having said I was at a loss as how to achieve what I wanted, he happily told me that he would come up with some ideas and designs and we could discuss them when he had. When we met to deliberate over his ideas I was so blown away with what he had come up with which totally encapsulated everything that makes Harrison Spence who we are. I was delighted but now a bit apprehensive as to how we would do everything he envisaged and he just said ”Don’t worry I will manage everything” and that is exactly what he did. It was such an enjoyable experience and all I had to do was be part of some meetings and turn up for a photo shoot. Matt organised the whole team and just made everything go so smoothly. If I had known how easy it would have been I would have done a couple of years ago! I cannot recommend the whole team at Se7en highly enough, they are all consummate professionals in their own areas of expertise and Matt orchestrated them in a manner any great conductor would have been proud of.”

Alan Marks

Managing Director, Harrison Spence Ltd

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